Page Sponsorships

A high percentage of pages at The Baseball Cube are available for sponsorship by companies or individuals. A page sponsorship is essentially two-fold. First, it is a purchase of advertising space where you can display a short message, link and banner for your web site, company or cause and second, it is a donation to The Baseball Cube to help fund and reward the effort behind putting behind such a large site. Below you will find a list of questions and answers regarding the sponsorship feature of the site. If you want to skip this and area ready to sponsor a page, all you need to do is find the page(s) you want to sponsor and then follow the directions on the sponsorship form. You may sponsor more than one page but submission of sites is done one page at a time. Contact us if you want to sponsor several pages with identical information and we’ll bypass the form.

Why should I sponsor a page?

By sponsoring a page, you not only increase the exposure to your site or company by having your banner, logo, message and link at the top of the sponsored page, but you help to make The Baseball Cube a free web site. Here are some of the benefits to sponsoring a page:

  • Sponsorships are for the life of your site. (No pre-determined expiry)
  • You can put a graphical banner on your page.
  • Your sponsorship is the first item loaded and is situated at the top of the page
  • Can help your search engine rankings. (No guarantees though)

Your sponsorship will appear on both of our domains. and

The sponsorship program is not a scam. The Baseball Cube and its variations have been around for more than 3 years and the first sponsorship was on December 4, 2002. Since that time, more than 250 pages have been sponsored on TBC. (as of October 2004) You won’t be the first sponsor and you won’t be the last!

How do I sponsor a page?

There are essentially 2 ways to sponsor a page at The Baseball Cube. The first is to navigate to a page you would like to sponsor, click on the sponsorship link near the page’s title (player name, team name) and then fill out the form for each sponsorship you would like to submit. The second way to sponsor a page is to send us an email with the relevant information (Sponsorship Name on page, link, banner if applicable, text message etc) If a page is taken, you will know because it has a yellow box at the top of the page with someone’s message already there.

Once you have submitted your sponsorship, by whichever means, you must complete payment before the sponsorship is put on the page(s) of your choice. The easiest way to do this is to submit payment through PayPal. It requires a credit card but its easy, quick and secure. There is a paypal link on the sponsorship page and you’ll be able to click through there to complete payment. The alternative to paying via PayPal is to send a check to The Baseball Cube. If this is the best choice for you, let us know and we’ll send you a mailing address. The drawback to this method of payment is that you’ll have to wait until we receive the check before your sponsorship goes up. But once its up, its up for good!

Your sponsorship can be up in only a matter of hours, pending payment and approval by TBC staff. There’s not much more to it than that! Its easy, fast and it will go a long way to helping out the site!

Sample Sponsorship

Sponsorships appear at the top of a page and look similar to what you see below. Your banner and sponsorship name are linked to your site and you can put any message you want that will appear on the site as long as it meets the standards set out by TBC. (See further down)

Sponsorship Notes

  • Sponsorships are available on a first come first serve basis. Transaction is complete once payment has been received
  • The Baseball Cube has the right to refuse sponsorships based on content of sponsorship information including and not limited to the graphics on a banner being offensive and the text written on the sponsorship being offensive or extremely negative.
  • Sponsoring a page that disappears will result in a credit towards a page of the same value on the site.
  • Sponsorship length is indicated in the sponsorship notes on each page. Most are for life but some are for pre-defined periods of time