Profile Ads on The Baseball Cube

What is it?

Profile advertisements will appear on every player profile page on The Baseball Cube. This is the busiest section of the web site and having your ad embedded into the content of the site should produce a click-through rate of about 2%. That means that if we show your ad 100,000 times in a month, you should get about 2,000 visitors.

Ads will appear in rotation, based on your advertising bid. Bids are submitted at the beginning of your advertising run and continue through to the end of your advertising period. For example, if you bid $50 for 1 month, Your ad should appear 2 times more than someone who bid $25 for the same month.

Unlike sponsorships, these ads aren’t player specific, but instead, they run on all player pages.

Is there a minimum bid?

Yes. The minimum bid is $25/month. This could end up being a bargain if there aren’t that many sites currently bidding. The player pages receive close to 30,000 page views per day, of $600,000 for a given month. This will translate into a microscopic cost.

Can I change my bid mid-month?

Yes. If you notice that your site is not getting the exposure you had hoped, you can raise your bid to try and improve your exposure. We’ll only charge you a pro-rated amount, based on the number of days remaining in your month

Can I bid for more than 1 month?

Yes. And you can change your bid mid-period as well.

Is there a maximum bid?

No but we won’t let a bigger site cannibalize a smaller one by bidding to a point of removing effectiveness from the smaller sites. If you feel like your site is not getting any click-throughs, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

What kind of ads can I show?

The maximum size of the creative is 120×60 pixels, however we accept text ads as well. Any ads that are bigger will be rejected.

How do I know how much to bid?

You basically have to take a chance. The best thing to do is guess that all sites listed have bid the minimum or a bit above it and then go from there. Or if you’re trusting, you can ask us to provide you with a rate that would give you good success. We promise we won’t lie!

So how do I go ahead and make a bid?

If you know how much you want to bid, then you can go ahead and make payment to our PayPal account, (Click on link below). If you need more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Ads will be added to the site once payment has been received.

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