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    Amy Acuff - High Jumper
    Jenny Adams - Track and Field
    Lisa Andersen - Surfing
    Christine Arron - Track and Field
    Jennifer Barretta - Billiards
    Allison Bartosik - Synchronized Swimming
    Amanda Beard - Swimming
    Tanith Belbin - Figure Skating
    Lindsay Benko - Swimming
    Mohini Bhardwaj - Gymnastics
    Sue Bird - Basketball
    Gretchen Bleiler - Snowboarding
    Nicole Bobek - Figure Skating
    Carlie Butler - Golf
    Alisa Camplin - Freestyle Skiing
    Jennifer Capriati - Tennis
    Amanda Coetzer - Tennis
    Sasha Cohen - Figure Skating
    Haley Cope - Swimming
    Natalie Coughlin - Swimming
    Jenna Daniels - Golf
    Elena Dementieva - Tennis
    Gail Devers - Track and Field
    Laura Diaz - Golf
    Jelena Dokic - Tennis
    Stacy Dragila - Pole Vault
    Heidi Drazich - Surfing
    Gisela Dulko - Tennis
    Guylaine Dumont - Beach Volleyball
    Milka Dunno - Auto Racing
    Lisa Fernandez - Softball
    Jennie Finch - Softball
    Julie Foudy - Running
    Jackie Frank - Water Polo
    Amanda Freed - Softball
    Chelsea Georgeson - Surfing
    Missy Gibson - Surfing
    Biba Golic - Table Tennis
    Ekaterina Gordeeva - Figure Skating
    Steffi Graf - Tennis
    Cammi Granato - Hockey
    Tatiana Grigorieva - Pole Vault
    Niki Gudex - Mountain Biking
    Natalie Gulbis - Golf
    Suzy Hamilton - Running
    Mia Hamm - Soccer
    Becky Hammon - Basketball
    Linda Hanley - Beach Volleyball
    Daniela Hantuchova - Tennis
    Ashley Harkelroad - Tennis
    Lisa Harrison - Basketball
    Blythe Hartley - Diving
    Sara Hildebrand - Diving
    Martina Hingis - Tennis
    Sheila Hudson - Track and Field
    Lauren Jackson - Basketball
    Tamara Jenkins - Kayaking
    Malia Jones - Surfing
    Marion Jones - Track and Field
    Jana Kandarr - Tennis
    Veronica Kay - Surfing
    Cristie Kerr - Golf
    Nancy Kerrigan - Figure Skating
    Carin Koch - Golf
    Anna Kournikova - Tennis
    Anna Kozlova - Synchronized Swimming
    Michelle Kwan - Figure Skating
    Jeannette Lee - Billiard
    Kristi Leskinen - Skiing
    Tara Lipinski - Figure Skating
    Libby Ludlow - Skiing
    Kristina Lum - Golf
    Nnenna Lynch - Track and Field
    AnaPaula Mancino - Volleyball
    Paula Marti - Golf
    Annie Martin - Beach Volleyball
    Amelie Mauresmo - Tennis
    Misty May - Beach Volleyball
    Jill McGill - Golf
    Lokelani McMichael - Triathlete
    Holly Mcpeak - Beach Volleyball
    Jessica Mendoza - Softball
    Heather Mitts - Soccer
    Anastasia Myskina - Tennis
    Heather Olson - Synchronized Swimming
    Grace Park - Golf
    Danica Patrick - Auto Racing
    Carly Patterson - Gymnastics
    Annie Pelletier - Diving
    Mary Pierce - Tennis
    Karri Poppinga - Beach Volleyball
    Anna Rawson - Golf
    Gabrielle Reece - Beach Volleyball
    Shauna Rohbock - Soccer
    Gabriella Sabatini - Tennis
    Jamie Sale - Figure Skating
    Kaitlin Sandeno - Swimming
    Mary Sanders - Gymnastics
    Summer Sanders - Swimming
    Mary Sauer - Pole Vault
    Barbara Schett - Tennis
    Maria Sharapova - Tennis
    Annika Sorenstam - Golf
    Amber Stachowski - Water Polo
    Alexandra Stevenson - Tennis
    Mia StJohn - Boxing
    Picabo Street - Skiing
    Ashley Tappin - Swimming
    Amy Taylor - Soccer
    Jenny Thompson - Swimming
    Carrie Tollefson - Running
    Logan Tom - Volleyball
    Dara Torres - Swimming
    Loudy Tourky - Diving
    Kari Traa - Skiing
    Franzi VanAlmsick - Swimming
    Rachel Wacholder - Beach Volleyball
    Kerri Walsh - Beach Volleyball
    Abby Wambach - Soccer
    Natalie Ward - Softball
    Krissy Wendell - Hockey
    Sara Whalen - Soccer
    Laura Wilkinson - Diving
    Sarah Will - Skiing
    Serena Williams - Tennis
    Venus Williams - Tennis
    Katarina Witt - Figure Skating
    Jill Wittenwyler - Pole Vault
    Kristi Yamaguchi - Figure Skating
    Elaine Youngs - Beach Volleyball
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