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Ireen Wust

Sport:  Speed Skating
Country:  Netherlands



Wüst debuted at the 2004 KNSB Dutch Single Distance Championships in November 2003 with 9th places in 500 m and 1500 m. Af the end of the season she won the silver medal in the world junior championships in Roseville, Minnesota, USA. The next season she qualified for the 2004-05 Speed Skating World Cup during the 2005 KNSB Dutch Single Distance Championships with a fifth place in the 1000 m and 4th place in the 1500 m. With a 3rd place at the 2005 KNSB Dutch Allround Championships she qualified for her first international senior tournamen, the 2005 European Championships in Heerenveen. There she ended 4th and secured herself a sport in the Dutch team for the 2005 World Allround Championships in Moscow, Russia. With a 5th place she made a promising debut at the highest international level. She then became World Junior Champion in Seinäjoki, Finland. Before the start of the season Wüst signed a deal with TVM and started training under the guidance of Gerard Kemkers. At the 2006 KNSB Dutch Single Distance Championships which also served as the Olympic Trials, Wüst won all three events she started in: 1000 m, 1500 m and 3000 m which gave her a spot in the Dutch Olympic Team for the 2006 Winter Olympics in Turin. Before the olympics she started in the 2006 European Championships in Hamar where she won the bronze medal behind Claudia Pechstein of Germany and teammate Renate Groenewold. At the Olympics her first distance was the 3000 m where Wüst surprisingly beat Groenewold and Cindy Klassen of Canada and became the youngest olympic champion from the Netherlands in the history of the Winter Olympics. She missed out the podium in the 1000 m finishing 4th. At her last event the 1500 m she won a bronze medal behind Cindy Klassen and Kristina Groves of Canada. At her last event of the season the 2006 World Allround Championships, Wüst ended 4th after she had been ill a few days before the tournament. Wüst started the season with two titles and one second place at the 2007 Dutch Distance Championships. She also won the 2007 Dutch Allround Championships.The 2007 European Championships were a big disappointment for Wüst, she was comfortably leading the championships after 3 of 4 distances but was beaten by Martina Sablikova who skated a great 5000 m. The next weekend she competed in the 2007 World Sprint Speed Skating Championships in Hamar receiving the silver medal again but this one she didn't expected before the start. She took her big revenge for the European Championships when she became World Allround Champion during the 2007 World Allround Championships for the homecrowd in Heerenveen. She won the 2006-07 Speed Skating World Cup in the 1500 m after winning two of the six races, she also won the 1000 m during the World Cup Final in Calgary. At the 2007 World Distance Championships she won gold medals in the 1000 m, breaking the national record, and the 1500 m. With Renate Groenewold and Paulien van Deutekom she won silver in the team pursuit behind Canada. [edit] 2007/2008 season After a difficult start of the season Ireen Wust did win the European title all round in January 2008. Her biggest concurrent this year was Paulien van Deutekom. Martina Sablikova who won last year by a surprisingly good 5000 m, won the 5000 m this year but wasn't that big of a competition this time because she had lost too much time in the other distances. Wüst ended 2nd behind van Deutekom during the World Allround Championships in Berlin. In Nagano during the 2008 World Distance Championships she won the gold medal in the team pursuit alongside Groenewold and Van Deutekom. Wüst won only one world race this season, the 1500 m in Hamar.

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